This is the reflection of my first time out paddling in June 2021! It seems like a long time ago now, but it is wonderful to remember how I felt that first evening out on the water.

Tonight, it finally happened. Covid had deterred us from the water for too long! 562 days after joining Knot a Breast, I got into a dragonboat. And paddled. Fortune was with us as the skies were clear, the water was calm and the humidity had all but disappeared. After a short workout, we trooped down to the dock and, one by one, loaded into the boat. The excitement was palpable! Coach Kathy Levy got us started with some drills and I could immediately understand why this sport is beloved by so many. We all needed some correction which Kathy provided for us. After being called out for “princess arms” a Frankenstein Arms drill quickly followed. Things improved to the point that we even got a “Hot damn!” from Kathy, which made me one happy girl! As newbies, we agreed that it was challenging and exhausting but it was thrilling to put all that training into actual practice.

When we pulled back into the dock, there was a feeling of exhilaration and joy. Yes, we have a long way to go. But the smiles were wide and the bliss was obvious. 

I love learning new things and last night I was able to add some new terms to my dragon boating vocabulary. I already knew “let it run” and “paddles up” from our poolside paddling. New to me were “hold the boat” and “back it down”. Without a doubt my favourite new term was “assinitis”. Who knew Lycra could be the enemy? 

I can’t imagine a better team to be on than this very one! Can’t wait for next Practice!