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Introducing Knot A Breast’s New Logo

By Norma Moores and Carrie Brooks-Joiner, KAB members The Knot A Breast breast cancer survivor dragon boat team was formed in 1998. The team is now 23 years old and has been represented by a logo of a cute dragon head with a pink ribbon around its neck and Knot A Breast spelled out below […]

Stories from 2018 IBCPC Festival: The Celebration

Story 6 of 6 By Marla Iyer and Kristen Winkworth, KAB Members I remember it was Sunday at the 2018 International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission (IBCPC) Festival in Florence, Italy. And it was stinking hot. The port-a-potties were marginally better than they had been the day before. I won’t go into detail… you get the […]

Stories from 2018 IBCPC Festival: A Spectator’s Perspective

Story 5 of 6 By Jacqueline Draper, KAB Supporter “As we begin to pry ourselves loose from old self-concepts, we find that our new emerging self may enjoy all sorts of bizarre adventures.” Julie Cameron Standing upon the banks of the Arno River, watching the kaleidoscope of paddlers in colourful team shirts slicing the water […]

Stories from 2018 IBCPC Festival: A Racer’s Perspective

Story 4 of 6 By Jo-Anne Rogerson and Kim Short, KAB Members “Your team becomes your family, the paddle becomes your best friend, the boat becomes your home and racing becomes your life.” Paddlechica This quote from the Paddlechica resonated with Knot A Breast Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team as we prepared to participate […]

Stories from 2018 IBCPC Festival: The Composite Team

Story 2 of 6 By Shida Asmaeil-Yari, KAB Member When I think back to 2018 International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission (IBCPC) Festival in Florence, Italy, I have fond memories while being there. Just being able to participate as a paddler was amazing. How many people can say that they paddled on the Arno River? I […]

Stories from 2018 IBCPC Festival: KAB in Florence

Story 1 of 6 By Helen Shearer, KAB Member and Co-Chair IBCPC 2018 Registration Committee Travelling to different places with Knot A Breast Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team over the years has been a great source of pleasure and enjoyment for me. I have had the privilege to go to some truly unbelievable dragon […]

Tits and Tats

By Carrie Brooks-Joiner, KAB member When I was a kid, the only person I knew with a tattoo was my Great Uncle Harold. It was on his upper arm and its original sharpness and colour had long faded. I never knew what it represented, and I didn’t dare to ask him. I only ever knew […]

The “R” Word

By Carrie Brooks-Joiner, KAB Member We know what the “C” word means. Given the prevalence of cancer in so many forms, most people have at least a passing familiarity of the disease. Yet, until it demands our attention, cancer tends to stay in the background of our consciousness. For members of the Knot A Breast […]

KAB Cooks

During spring 2020, we are challenged to stay healthy and fit within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that requires us to stay home, physically distance, and not be with our teammates. We connect on our private Facebook group, challenging and supporting each other to keep going, keep strong. For a week in April, we […]