The idea of dragon boating continued to ruminate in my mind as I got stronger and healthier in 2018.  I started walking, golfing and playing pickle ball.  My husband and I joined a gym.  A year later, I was able to put my reservations aside and made that second call. The rest is history in the makings!

I have come a long way since that first race nearly two years ago! It was months before I understood the nuances of “the start” and it will take me a long time and much practice to do it well.  I am beginning to understand how important fitness and training is as I continue in my journey as a dragon boat athlete. As Coach Kathy Levy lovingly puts it, “I am a work in progress”.

Knot A Breast at the start line in Lane 4 (second from left) at Hamilton Waterfest, 2019: Anne’s first race (photo credit Sandman)