International festivals for breast cancer survivor dragon boaters began in 2005, in Vancouver, BC, with 61 teams and approximately 1,400 in attendance. In 2007, the paddlers flocked to Caloundra, Australia with 85 teams and 1,800 in attendance. Then on to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in 2014 with 65 teams and 2,000 in attendance. The IBCPC was formally established at the Peterborough festival and it is a growing international festival held every four years. Knot A Breast was the fastest team in Peterborough and again in Sarasota, Florida in 2014. There were 101 teams and 3,000 in attendance in Sarasota. There were 128 teams from 28 countries in Florence, Italy. There were approximately 3000 participants in the three-day festival along the Arno River.

Knot A Breast Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team photo at 2018 IBCPC Festival, Florence, Italy: (left to right) First row: Leslie Williams, Ann Hewitson, Lynn Youngman, Liz Psutka, Helen Shearer, Sharon Hielema, Aleta Thompson, Sharon Richardson, Lorraine Martin, IBCPC Ambassador to KAB Anna-Gloria; Second row: Donna Reise (steersperson), Rebecca Walker, Vivian Medley, Carrie Brooks-Joiner, Michelle Lapointe, Marg Piper, Christine Carey, Anna Candelori, Shida Asmaeil-Yari, Lynda Benison, Nancy Lynn, Kathy Levy (coach), Karen Goldsmith, Nancy Jones; Third row: Geri Schweinbenz, Jo-Anne Rogerson, Tracy McInnis, Kim Short, Judy-Anne Sleep, Kathy Martin, Kristen Winkworth, Vera Fritz, Nancy Hindmarsh; Back row: Carol Myers, Marla Iyer, Kathy MacFarlane, Shelley Lockley, Penny Enos