Three or four long tables had been set up for us and the dishes were brought in and served family style. Yum! Pizza, pasta, all the delicious Italian fare we had enjoyed since we arrived a week earlier. To tell the truth, I can’t remember everything we ate. But the vino was fabulous! Chianti is now my wine of choice.

After speeches and dessert (again… What was it? Maybe just more vino) the rest of the team got back on the bus to the hotel, and Kristen and I started our adventure home. I think it was midnight. We rolled our luggage through the streets and eventually arrived at the train station. There were lots of people still out on the streets, however the train station was deserted. And closed. Odd. Our train was supposed to roll through around 2:30 AM.  We sat beside the tracks on our platform and waited. A few more people arrived, but really, who takes the 2:30 AM train to Venice? Kristen kept watch while I dozed off, only to be awoken by an announcement that our train was delayed. We did eventually catch the train and arrived in Venice with plenty of time to find a way to the airport. Water taxi? I think it might have been!

By the time Kristen’s husband Jim picked us up in Toronto on Monday, we had been travelling for 24 hours and were still wearing our race clothes! I pity the people who sat beside us on the plane… oh wait… that was us beside each other!!

It was quite an adventure and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.